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Leadership team alignment onSustainability

Leadership Team alignment on sustainability goals

How can you work on aligning your leadership team on sustainability goals? New Angles proposes a capacity-building exercise on sustainability for your Executive committee.

The faces of each card carry two plausible but mutually contradictory messages about what the future holds in store for your sector and company, your current situation on a range of sustainability parameters, the significance of sustainability for business, how your executive team functions with regard to these subjects, and how your teams and other stakeholders regard your performance…

This simple Springboard is a powerful tool to surface undiscussed differences between members of the team. It prompts constructive listening and exchanges, conducive to better alignment on priorities. Though the tool is simple, facilitation is highly recommended!

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Equipping your leaders to integrate Regenerative Impact

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Supporting your Regenerative Impact innovations

This programme is a prototyping opportunity, tailor-made with your innovation teams engaged in developing new business models, partnerships and solutions.

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