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Developing leadership for positive impact & sustainability


New Angles Impact BaseCamp

Achieve your potential for leading the Transition to

Positive Impact

To move forward with your Transition and develop leadership for positive impact that will help it succeed, we work with you to: 

  • Clarify ambition and meaning, visualizing the destination
  • Identify the keys to mobilizing your stakeholders
  • Bring to light innovative project and the search for positive impact
  • Determine the levers to help managerial practices evolve
  • Support leaders in field, with individual coaching and co-development groups

Leaders for positive impact :
the Impact Base-Camp essentials


  • Executive Committee members
  • Key executives
  • Transition leaders / allies



Base camp for senior team to launch the Transition journey:

  • Understanding sustainable business and the need for change
  • Define impact , identifying destination and first phase roadmap
  • Embarking first allies and change leaders to launch implementation


  • To equip top executives to commit to lead the transition by example
  • To clarify the ambition, need for change and roadmap for transition
  • To recruit allies, champions and leaders of change

Impact Base-Camp : discover the offer

How does the Base-Camp help your organisation to integrate CSR principles into daily management practices

How can you move from convictions for your business to concrete actions to be implemented at every level of the organisation?And what type of impact leadership is needed to do this?

Equipping leaders for positive impact:
the Base Camp essentials


3 online sessions :

Acquiring the keys to CSR to initiate change within the company


2 days of workshops :

Setting priorities for action, identifying allies and ways to move the agenda


Coaching & Co-development :

Supporting you through the inevitable challenges of change

What leaders have said

"I hope that every manager in Europe can participate in this programme!" “This inspired me to trigger in concrete terms the change in my organisation.” “Motivating, a revival of confidence and very inspiring” “Beyond my expectations! High-quality facilitation and exceptional positive energy.”
Participants from CEC European Managers, ASC SKO, & Eurocadres

For real and lasting systemic change, discover our services.

Choose your starting point…

Building your roadmap to Regenerative Impact

This programme helps you create a collective dynamic, accelerating your transition to a desirable future for your company and your employees.

Equipping your leaders to integrate Regenerative Impact

This training course provides the necessary tools for managers and Executive Committees who want to transform their day-to-day business and move their company towards regenerative impact models.

Supporting your Regenerative Impact innovations

This programme is a prototyping opportunity, tailor-made with your innovation teams engaged in developing new business models, partnerships and solutions.

Can we help you take your next step on your Sustainability Journey ?


The keys to systemic change

abductive processing and systems change
“Abductive processing” and systems change
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not. And frankly we may both be better off that way!
New angles part 5 managerial practices
Managerial practices – embodying sustainability convictions
The fundamental challenge of integrating sustainability into a company is not only that it requires us to see the world
New Angles, leadership for sustainability change competencies
Change competencies and visible leadership behaviours
Adopting specific change competencies and leadership behaviors is crucial for integrating sustainable practices as well creating a “movement” within the