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Springboards and tools for deep sustainability change

High-performing tools and methods that help you accelerate mindset change within your organisation

New Angles Springboards and tools work on deep change

What we call ‘deep change’ is systems change, change that needs to take place at the level of how we see the world and how we think it functions. The transition to sustainable business models is complex and challenging, because we are faced with massive systemic pressure to maintain the status quo.  Nobody wants to be the first to call the current system into question. This change doesn’t happen by decree. It requires an internal shift in perspective by each and all of the actors in the system. In a company this means  starting with the people who take the big decisions: the company’s executives and management. 

Deep change will come when they see their environmental and social impacts as being just as important as their impact on growth and profit. Inviting these successful people to re-define their goals and success in their own jobs is quite a hill to climb – not least because they’ve done a great job of being successful under the old rules!

In conjunction with our high-level systems coaching and training programmes, the unique portfolio of New Angles springboards offers you the tools you need to achieve your change goals.  They help you by unlocking mindset change and generating alignment. They invite your leaders and managers to question business-as-usual habits and to think and act differently – for positive impact.

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Sustainability Decision-Making
Constellations Role-Plays
Leadership team alignment
Doughnut Economics & Planetary Boundaries
Purpose-based Business Model Canvas
Sustainability Development Goals Materiality Mapping
Sustainability Journey with progressive returns

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