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Building a sustainable business model for Positive Impact


Accélérer votre transformation vers l'Impact positif en équipe

From a traditional business model... a sustainable business model!

Do you want to accelerate your transition to a sustainable and regenerative company?

You have identified negative impacts to be reduced in your current business model, or positive impacts you want to produce using new business models. But how to modify your offer in the real world without putting your customers offside and your current revenues at risk?
And how to protect your innovators and top team from the bite-back of business-as-usual? Nothing is easier than to de-prioritise a project that challenges your current core business! It takes courage and persistence to row against the current, or cycle into a headwind, and that’s why our Impact Change Lab methods offer individual and co-development coaching, for your project team but also for your key deciders.

Building a sustainable business model:
the Impact Change Lab essentials


For business model innovation steering committees and project teams, including innovators, technical experts, decision makers and colleagues at key interfaces with the market.


There are two Impact Change Lab channels. One is for modifying the impacts of existing business models, the other for inventing offers designed from scratch for positive impact.
Both channels use a people-focused systemic approach – they support the work itself, the people who lead the innovation, and the deciders who validate the outcomes.



It’s too tough for insiders working alone to modify their own core business. The system in place will always find good reasons to deprioritize their initiatives. Adapting your current business model requires systemic support from experienced change coaches using proven impact innovation tools.

Impact Change Lab: Discover the offer

Do you want to engage your organisation in the implementation of your sustainable business model?

We co-construct your support to turn your ambition into reality.
New Angles Change Lab, step 1, Get inspired

1. Get inspired

Meet inspirational leaders who will give you the keys for lasting change based on their experience

New Angles Change Lab, step 2, Challenge your ambition

2. Challenge your ambition

Strengthen your collective vision and ambition for your initiatives and experiments

New Angles Change Lab, step 3, define new KPIs

3. Define new KPIs

Identify your impact parameters to effectively manage the projects you support

New Angles Change Lab, step 4, Build your impact team

4. Build your Impact team

Recruit Impact Leaders from among your colleagues to drive the projects

New Angles Change Lab, step 5, Launch the lab and the prototype

5. Launch the Lab and prototypes

Define the scope of each development project and evaluate the most relevant innovations

New Angles Change Lab, step 6, Communicate change outcomes

6. Communicate the change outcomes

Anchor the learning by giving value to both successes and 'failures'

Change Lab:
steps to building a responsible business model for impact


3 online sessions:

Acquire the keys to CSR to initiate change within your company 


2 full-day workshops:

Set actionnable goals and priorities, identify allies and ways to engage people in order to get things moving in the right direction


Coaching & Co-development:

Benefit from professional support as you face inevitable challenges in leading change 

What leaders have said

"Adopting sustainability practices was a challenging strategic priority for our Group. New Angles was our guide on this journey. Together we put into place strategic objectives at the corporate level and ambitious, innovation training programme for our management… a real success, which has enabled us to better fulfill the needs of our clients and stakeholders."
Logo Saur transformation des équipes pour un impact positif
CSR & Marketing Director, Water and Sanitation services

For real and lasting systemic change, discover our services.

Choose your starting point…

Building your roadmap to Regenerative Impact

This programme helps you create a collective dynamic, accelerating your transition to a desirable future for your company and your employees.

Equipping your leaders to integrate Regenerative Impact

This training course provides the necessary tools for managers and Executive Committees who want to transform their day-to-day business and move their company towards regenerative impact models.

Supporting your Regenerative Impact innovations

This programme is a prototyping opportunity, tailor-made with your innovation teams engaged in developing new business models, partnerships and solutions.

Can we help you take your next step on your Sustainability Journey ?


The keys to systemic change

abductive processing and systems change
“Abductive processing” and systems change
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not. And frankly we may both be better off that way!
New angles part 5 managerial practices
Managerial practices – embodying sustainability convictions
The fundamental challenge of integrating sustainability into a company is not only that it requires us to see the world
New Angles, leadership for sustainability change competencies
Change competencies and visible leadership behaviours
Adopting specific change competencies and leadership behaviors is crucial for integrating sustainable practices as well creating a “movement” within the