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Training executives and managers to redefine business success


New Angles impact academy offer

Train your top teams & executives sustainability knowledge and skills so they can lead for impact as well as for profit ...and redefine business success!

Since 2008 New Angles has been training executives, Executive Committees and senior managers to support them in the transformation of their organisations and business models for good. The skills they learn at our Impact Academy, help them redefine business success – they know that leading for impact is possible alongside maintaining company profits.

In 2020 New Angles was chosen to develop the Sustainable Leaders training programme sponsored by the EU’s Directorate for Employment and Social Affairs and piloted it successfully in four countries. The Impact Leadership development model and sustainability training workshops
created by New Angles for that programme form the core of the Impact Academy today.

Build the capacity to lead the transition to sustainable business and redefine success:
Impact Academy essentials


  • Executive committees
  • Transformation and learning managers
  • Managers in all departments and functions
  • Impact pioneers & Sustainability champions


  • Tools and skills to lead the transition to positive impact business
  • Set of 6 modules plus 6 tutoring sessions, over 6 months
  • Certification in sustainable leadership model sponsored by the EU


  • To equip top executives to set sustainability goals that make a difference
  • To give your transformation team the tools they need to lead your transition
  • To build your managers’ capacity to include sustainability in their decisions

Discover the Impact Academy offer for Managers and Executive Committees

The strength of our training courses?

Practical tools to help leaders integrate impact into their change and innovation projects and decision-making.

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Impact Academy: becoming an Impact Leader


Face-to-face or online

Training for regenerative impact! Possible in-company and inter-company


6 modules + exam & defense

A 6-month certification programme with small group sessions


Ateliers & Masterclass

Tailor-made offer for your different populations (ComEx, middle managers…)

What leaders say

"Je souhaiterais que chaque manager en Europe puisse participer à ce programme !"
Participant Bivwak, BNP Paribas

For real and lasting systemic change, discover our services.

Choose your starting point…

Building your roadmap to Regenerative Impact

This programme helps you create a collective dynamic, accelerating your transition to a desirable future for your company and your employees.

Equipping your leaders to integrate Regenerative Impact

This training course provides the necessary tools for managers and Executive Committees who want to transform their day-to-day business and move their company towards regenerative impact models.

Supporting your Regenerative Impact innovations

This programme is a prototyping opportunity, tailor-made with your innovation teams engaged in developing new business models, partnerships and solutions.

Can we help you take your next step on your Sustainability Journey ?


The keys to systemic change

abductive processing and systems change
“Abductive processing” and systems change
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not. And frankly we may both be better off that way!
New angles part 5 managerial practices
Managerial practices – embodying sustainability convictions
The fundamental challenge of integrating sustainability into a company is not only that it requires us to see the world
New Angles, leadership for sustainability change competencies
Change competencies and visible leadership behaviours
Adopting specific change competencies and leadership behaviors is crucial for integrating sustainable practices as well creating a “movement” within the