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New Angles Programmes - Develop sustainability in your organisation

New Angles programmes for sustainability

Develop a lasting sustainability movement in your organisation with New Angles programmes

New Angles programmes to develop sustainability in your organisation give you the keys to leading the Transition.  Transform your sustainability ambition into real impact for people and planet!

You know that your business needs to evolve in order to thrive and to positively impact the global society as a whole. Our programmes are for  leaders who don’t give up on change. You want to work for positive impact and know that the change must be systemic if it is to last. 

Our services help you bring your sustainability ambition alive to create regenerative and positive impact. Your business becomes a lever in society for true and lasting change. 

All of our programmes, trainings, and coachings work toward this goal and are designed to meet the specific needs of your business.

Discover our programmes, trainings, and coachings to promote and integrate sustainable practices and leadership

Impact Base-Camp

New Angles works with you on business model transformation and sustainable systems change to uncover and implement value creation and positive impact.

Impact Academy

You can see the world evolving and you know your business needs to change too. New Angles serves impact leaders who don’t give up on change, who want to train for positive impact and know that the change must be systemic if it is to last.

Impact Change Lab

Adapting your current business model requires systemic support from experienced change coaches using proven impact innovation tools. Our Impact Change Lab is a prototyping opportunity, tailor-made with your innovation teams engaged in developing new business models, partnerships and solutions. We provide coaching for project teams and decision-makers.


New Angles works with your whole organisation to develop sustainability

Springboards and tools based on research and hands-on sustainability knowledge

Leadership team alignment onSustainability

An extensive ecosystem of experts, researchers and global standard setters

Team New Angles