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Systems change can be a messy business, non-linear, and complex…

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Systemic change : our latest posts

abductive processing and systems change
“Abductive processing” and systems change
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? Probably not. And frankly we may both be better off that way!
New angles part 5 managerial practices
Managerial practices – embodying sustainability convictions
The fundamental challenge of integrating sustainability into a company is not only that it requires us to see
New Angles, leadership for sustainability change competencies
Change competencies and visible leadership behaviours
Adopting specific change competencies and leadership behaviors is crucial for integrating sustainable practices as well creating a “movement”
Sustainability knowledge and tools
Sustainability Knowledge – having the right tools
In order to strengthen your convictions as well as be able to clearly communicate why change is essential
Systemic Understanding New Angles
Systemic understanding – a wider view of sustainability
Do we still see our company as a more or less isolated competitor trying to maximize profits without
Leadership for Sustainability – developing managers
The fundamental challenge of integrating sustainability into business is that it requires managers at all levels to see
co-development, new angles, teams collaboration
Leverage your collective intelligence with co-development
New Angles has refined the co-development method for environmental and social transition leaders who want to make a
fashion covid build better
Building back a better future in fashion
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the global fashion sector.