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Leverage your collective intelligence with co-development

This past year has demonstrated the importance of collaboration and exchange between actors to ensure increased resilience in the face of crises. Indeed, our complementarities are a valuable lever for overcoming problems if we know how to exchange with each other, support each other and find new ways to make a difference. A close-knit team of senior consultants with experience in multiple sectors and types of organizations, New Angles has refined the co-development method for environmental and social transition leaders who want to make a real positive impact. Drawing on the group’s intelligence, each individual works on his or her issues and contributes to the transformation strategy within his or her company.

What is Co-Development? 

Co-Development (CoDev) is a method of collective intelligence, structured and supportive, which allows:

  • To build on the collective to move forward in its professional issues
  • To benefit from the views of peers who will share their expertise and experience
  • Improve or reflect on one’s professional practice
  • To broaden horizons, change perspective, take a step aside
  • To work on change with confidence
  • To develop one’s own leadership

Objectives of Co-Development

The objectives of CoDev for the leaders of sustainable development in companies are:

  • Create the conditions for each participant to move their company towards SD integration
  • Foster exchange, bring peer-to-peer support
  • Work and reflect together on concrete or strategic issues
  • Enable the sharing of experiences and promote the dissemination of good practices
  • Offer each participant the opportunity to expand his or her network and develop knowledge of his or her Ecosystem.

Examples of the topics covered:

  • How to engage around a project to integrate CSR and positive impact?
  • How to transversally influence, mobilise teams and management?
  • Manage the multiplicity and complexity of stakeholders and their expectations.

Groups are proposed in inter- and intra-company. Particular care is given to the composition of the groups, respecting the principles of complementarity and compatibility of the members. If you would like to know more about the Co-Development approach and methodology proposed by New Angles, please contact Jacob Mayne ( 

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